MRK Industries has a proven track record of providing not only components but systems for Manufacturers, as well as assembly lines and work cells for our OEM Manufacturing partnerships.

We have processes in place to ensure cost effective, schedule driven, high quality parts and assemblies.
Some of our processes include:

Design review meetings with you, our OEM Partner to ensure product and packaging specifications and design criteria is met.

Ongoing work cell or assembly line review meetings to ensure the most efficient and cost effective methods are used.

We work closely with you, our OEM Partner for labeling specifics and shipping coordination.

Quality Control review, checklists and meetings, as well as a team” leader” for each product line is assigned to ensure the highest quality product.

Our purchasing department is dedicated to supply chain management, ensuring the fastest turn around time for raw goods and the best prices.

Our shipping department is dedicated to not only ensuring timely shipments, but 100% customer and end user satisfaction.

Please review our product pages and contact us directly with any questions you may have or to request a quote for your metal parts or assembly. We look forward to working with you.